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Graduation is almost here.  What's next? Do you have a plan?

Most schools help you get to graduation and some will help to find a job. But we know that you want more than a paycheck, you want to have work that has impact, meaning and that meets your aspirations. So, we've created a program to help you set the plan and path forward to meet your expectations and wants for this next stage in your life. 

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Your studies have always been your priority. Now, what is your next move?

The next stage of your life is about to start. At school, you've always had a plan with graduating with a degree as the end game. After graduation, it is common for graduates to not clearly know their next step, and to add to the challenge, they are now 100% responsible for their own plan. So, we've created a program to help you set the plan and path forward to meet your expectations and wants for this next stage in your life.

Unlock your purposeful path: transform your degree into an impactful career

Are you a college senior looking to transition into a meaningful and impactful career? At the Workplace Preparation Program, we understand that today's graduates seek more than just a paycheck. They desire work that aligns with their aspirations, provides a sense of purpose, and allows them to make a difference. That's why we have created a comprehensive program to help you set a clear plan and path forward to meet your expectations and achieve your goals.

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Charting a new course: transforming doubt into clarity for your career

Sometimes despite having a predefined career path from your studies, you may find yourself unsure if it's truly what you want. Making the decision to explore a change can be challenging, especially when you have invested time and effort into a particular field. Our program will help you navigate this reflection by helping you recognize how your experiences, studies, and strengths can create new opportunities. We will guide you in exploring different possibilities and empower you to make informed decisions about your future.

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Be the one they choose: stand out from other graduates

While your studies have been a top priority, we recognize that grades and diplomas alone are not guarantees of employment, high wages, or future management positions. It's crucial to learn how to effectively showcase your strengths, skills, and experiences to benefit your career and the companies you aspire to work for. The Workplace Preparation Program will assist you in understanding yourself better, leveraging your natural strengths, and defining the impact you crave in your professional life.

I still have questions about the programs.

If you are still uncertain about how to move forward, we'd love to hear from you. There are many ways that we can help to answer your questions and concerns. Select the one that is best for you.

Building the bridge to career success

While your studies have been a top priority, we recognize that grades and diplomas alone are not guarantees of employment, high wages, or future management positions. It's crucial to learn how to effectively showcase your strengths, skills, and experiences to benefit your career and the companies you aspire to work for. The Workplace Preparation Program will assist you in understanding yourself better, leveraging your natural strengths, and defining the impact you crave in your professional life.

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Break free from others’ expectations

As a college senior, you may face pressures and expectations from your parents, family, and friends who may have their own ideas about what you should pursue. With no set template or pre-defined plan, it can be difficult to see past these external influences and make confident choices. The Workplace Preparation Program offers expert guidance from expert coaches who can provide valuable insights, suggest various career paths, and help you find the resources and pathways available to you. Ultimately, the final decision rests with you.

Are you a parent that has children who are seniors at college/university or who have recently graduated?

Discover how we can support you and your children with the transition from a learning environment to the workplace. Click to find out more. 

Ace the application: positioning yourself as the perfect candidate

If you've been applying for positions but haven't received any interviews or offers, it's essential to evaluate your approach. Having a well-crafted resume and cover letter that align with the job posting is a crucial step. Our program will guide you through the process of creating an outstanding application that highlights your strengths, experiences, and potential as the best candidate for the position. We will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to make your application stand out from the competition.

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Decoding the career puzzle: equipping you to make informed and confident decisions

Feeling overwhelmed by the countless career options out there? Unsure which path is best for your future? The Workplace Preparation Program is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of different career opportunities, the expectations and requirements associated with each, and the tools to make informed decisions. Our program will empower you to choose the career path that aligns with your passions, values, and long-term goals.

What are the differences between the programs?

​We built the Workplace Preparation Programs to support you in stages.  This was done so that you can decide how much assistance you want and/or need.


  • This is an initial way to find out your current stage and need

  • Worksheets to support your launching of a new career


  • This is the tool for the One-Day workshop  

  • Printed and digital versions are included


  • This is a quick introduction and snapshot of the key elements of the full program 

  • It covers the key information to better understand yourself, set the foundation, know how to look for a career and have a concrete way forward

  • Participants are required to have completed the StrengthsFinder 2.0 or CliftonStrengths assessment 


  • Access an expert for an hour-long session where you will be able to address your specific concerns, realities and objectives


  • Choose one of the four sections of successfully finding a new position: (1) Transform your mindset, (2) Understand you at work, (3) Set the plan, and (4) Find the right position

  • Each section will include an additional assessment, a book and as well as many worksheets

  • Each section will cover specific areas of finding the right position for you,and launch a successful new career


  • The entire 4 sections

  • The Ten Day Intensive Training is a deep dive into the realities of strengths in the workplace, and how to apply them so that you can better showcase yourself in the workplace and in the planning for your future

  • There are a total of 4 sections totaling 20 modules that will be delivered (or 2 per day)

  • The 10-Day Intensive includes unlocking all 34 CliftonStrengths, additional assessments, books to support the journey as well as many worksheets

  • This program covers the whole spectrum of the key information required to find the right position and start a successful new career

TEN COACHING SESSIONS - $2,250 when paired with the 10-Day

  • program to access the experts in order to get personalized guidance and recommendations

  • A strong complement to the 10-Day Intensive ​

PRIVATE COHORT FOR 20+ PEOPLE - $2,400 per participant

  • Offer the Ten-Day Intensive program to a group of individuals all undergoing the process of looking for a new career

  • This option focuses on the realities and the particularities of a specific group of individuals

  • Various delivery options are available, both virtually and in-person

  • Find out more by clicking here


  • For far less than the cost of an additional semester, and in order to ensure that your degree was a worthwhile investment

  • A variant to the program that focuses on helping grads become new employees on the job market, avoid job hopping and help set a career path in motion

  • This program also helps to bridge the gap between the realities of the college/university setting to the realities of the workplace, helping the next generation be successful right from the start of their career

  • Find out more by clicking here

Paint your success story: communicating your value to prospective employers

You know what you are good at, you know what you have accomplished but you are uncertain as to how you make sure employers understand this too. As you get ready to graduate and look for opportunities, you want to make sure that every application you’ll send paints the correct portrait. A strengths-based approach is what we are proposing as a foundation for this, giving you language to describe who you are and what you can do in a positive and productive manner. We will help you understand your talents and showcase them to future employers.

I am still uncertain how much help I actually need.

Reach out to us in order to make the right program selection. There are many ways that we can help to answer your questions and concerns. Choose what is best for you.


Time to invest in yourself.

Think about all the money and resources you have used for your degree, may it be tuition, hours of study, volunteering, workshops, books, time, energy, or sweat. Often, there has been someone there to help you understand and guide you. The Workplace Preparation programs can continue to do this. It's another way to set the foundation for career growth and success. Discover how to find and launch a career that will allow you to be at your best. Choose the date your workshop today, 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the idea for the Workplace Preparation programs come from? This program arose from seeing the discontent, job hopping, and lack of understanding that the workforce is experiencing. As a career seeker facing these changes, you need to understand who you are, how you work to your strengths and how to showcase this understanding in order to find the position that is right for you. It is the goal of this program to bridge this understanding and to help participants succeed in the workplace.

Why did you choose to use a strengths-based approach as the foundation for your programs? Strengths-based development is about helping people recognize, develop, and learn to apply the talents that they naturally have to achieve their goals. When a person taps into this source of talent, wisdom and power, they gain the ability to transform their lives and pathways to success. We fully believe that this positive and empowering approach is the best foundation to creating the success that we all want.

My degree and/or my experience are all that I will need to be successful. Why do I need this program? Degrees and experiences are awesome, but how do you give yourself permission to explore what is best for you. To do this you must understanding how to know yourself, what you want, and how to best show your strengths will help you find the right position to build a career. The Workplace Preparation Program was designed to help you walk through this process and to build a career pathway that will help you find maximum success.

Why can't I just submit my resume to as many job postings as possible to make sure that I do not miss an opportunity? Yes, you can but it will require a lot of time and effort. If you want to find the right position, you need to take the time and effort to research, explore and tailor your application information to match the job description, match the key word skills and to be able to paint yourself in the best light possible. Doing this will help you make sure that you are finding the right position that you can grow, stay and thrive in.

Why are you proposing an approach that is so different from others on the market? It is evident that we are in need of a new approach. Employees are no longer willing to live to work. They want to work to live and are seeing that they need to make sure that their needs, want and dreams are part of the decision process. By taking the time, effort and investment to learn about yourself and what success looks like for you, the Workplace Preparation Program will help you develop you a pathway to the life you have always wanted.

Why do I need more than just a paycheck and a title from a great job description? Money and recognition have always been the benchmark for success, but many people find that they begin to look for more. Work life balance and feeling like you can make a difference are becoming more and more important.  The Workplace Preparation Program is designed to help you identify, plan and implement career success that paycheck and title will not.​

I've applied for jobs before and landed them. Why should I work with you this time around? The application process has changed. Most employers are using applicant tracing systems to complete the initial selection of applicants. You will need to make sure that you highlight the way in which you specifically meet the criteria for the position.  ​ This program was designed to help you Understand how to emphasize the position keywords and requirements, and how to make your strengths, competencies, and experience standout.  Successfully executing this is the best way to make sure that move on to the next step in the hiring process.

Can't I just watch a bunch of videos on successfully applying to jobs, and land one without having to spend money on one of your programs? The short answer is "Yes", but how do you know that the advice that you are following is going to benefit you? The Workplace Preparation Program has research, experience and guidance to support the information and training we offer. Do you want to try or succeed in finding a career you can flourish in?

The workplace trend is not to stay in one place anymore. Hopping from job to job will help me find more money and better recognition. What is the benefit of planning a career? Always looking for the next great opportunity is currently the norm, but employees are not always finding the greener grass once the hop has been made. Taking the time to understand what you want and how you can create the long term plan that will help build a career is the best way to find the success and validation that can put en end to the need to look and climb over the fence to the next opportunity.

There are a lot of people claiming to be experts out there. How can I know you are actually one of them? Knowing how to best describe and showcase your strengths, competenties and experience so that you are the choice for the position. This process is not easy and most people are not good at being positive about themselves.  Finding a source that can guide you to be successful in this process is very important.  The Workplace Prepatation Program is that source.

I have been working with CliftonStrengths for a while now. What more will I learn from your programs? Theory and Practice combined are required to become an expert.  Understanding yourself and how to build upon your knowledge and strengths will allow you to create the career you want.​

I know someone who could benefit from your programs. How can I help them get in contact with you? Are they struggling to find the right position? Did they recently start a new job and they already want something else? Let us know and it will be our pleasure to reach out to them.

Are you an organization that helps students succeed in employment or the workplace after their graduation? 

Would you like to find new ways to support them to find new opportunities and to successfully launch a career? We can deliver our programs just for your clients or help you add this program to your offering. Ask us how we can collaborate to help these soon-to-graduate individuals successfully navigate the transition between school and work. 

The experts behind the programs

Colleen Nobert

Certified Career Coach | Master in Education

Colleen has 20 years of experience teaching and coaching secondary students, as they learn to make the transition into adult life and employment. She brings her vast experience with the realities and expectations of employment, exploration of personal strengths and pathways to professional success.

Antoine B. Carrière

Principal Course Leader | Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Antoine is a seasoned course leader, coach, and entrepreneur. He has operated multiple businesses over the past 20 years and has had the opportunity to work with hundreds. He has worked in private, not-for-profit and government positions locally, nationally and internationally. Antoine works with employers around the globe and is helping to transform the next generation of successful small businesses through his discussions, his workshops and his coaching. He readily uses his CliftonStrengths of Maximizer, Strategic, Arranger, Ideation, and Communication to design, develop and deliver incredible training. Throughout the pandemic, he has continued to deliver half, full and multi-day workshops where he has amazed participants that they were able to stay engaged for such long sessions.


Lean into your CliftonStrengths to find the right position at graduation

You like the impact of CliftonStrengths. You like how they help me in getting your schoolwork done. You appreciate how they support you in communicating with your friends, group members and profs. You want to use your themes to be successful in searching for a position. You want to know how to use your strengths and your education to launch the right career for you. The Workplace Program was designed to do exactly this. Choose your level of support to get started today.

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The Components

The program will set a solid base on which to build a successful career in the workplace



Setting the foundation for success means to set the right expectations, integrate strengths-based development approaches, develop core competencies and shift the mindset to a new workplace.



The more individual knows themselves, the more they are able to be a top performer and an active contributor to the team, and the organization.



Understanding what you are searching for as a new position, what are the elements of the workplace that will allow you not only to complete the work but to excel as well as how to find and confirm you have identified and are applying for the right opportunities.



Establishing your pathway/plan is key to ensuring that the development, the effort, the energy and the decisions you are making are supporting the success you envision in the end. Although there are unknowns, having a way forward helps make the journey concrete.



Not only will the program include all of this great content and the supporting workbooks, it will also offer additional assessments and supporting books.

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