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Free Digital Downloads

In order to help you in launching a new career, here are some free resources that will help you define, find and land your next position. All of these resources are best supported with career workshops, career programs and career coaching in order to maximize your chances for success.

WPP free assessment cover page - career change.jpg

Is this the right time? Assessment

Assessment:  There are elements (areas) of people’s lives that have more impact than others, and a career is at the top of that list. Therefore, it is clear that without any doubt, any minor or major change in a career will have an important impact.


Learn whether your life is currently stable and ready to make that big change. 

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Career Satisfaction Scale

Assessment: You want to know that your current career choice is a good choice for your personality and goals. You want to be satisfied with the way that your career is progressing forwards and is unfolding. It is normal to wonder whether you are on the right track. You may have even been recently laid off and are wondering if you should continue on the path or pivot.


Now you can find out if this is actually the case. 

WPP free assessment cover page - career satisfaction.jpg

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Launching a successful career checklist

Worksheet: Regrouping in a single checklist some of the key elements to ensure you find the right position, the right leaders, the right organization to launch your new career.

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Key elements of an ideal career

Worksheet: Before launching a career, it is important to know what you are looking for and what you want from your career. Explore and identify each of the 4 areas, which will ultimately guide and direct your choice of culture, position and career path you should be looking for. 

WPP - Looking for - EN FE23.jpg

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Well-being report vOct2020_03.jpg


Well-being Self-Assessment

Assessment: Well-being is essential to achieving one’s most complete life. It impacts all aspects of our lives and affects energy levels, mental state, weight, perception of ourselves, level of sickness, and so much more.


The self-assessment is intended to act as a guideline to help individuals understand their own view of their well-being. 

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WPP Application tracker.png

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Application Tracker

Worksheet: Making sure you stay on top of all of your efforts to find your next position is essential. You need to know where you have applied, for what position as well as track some of the key elements. This worksheet is a template to help you manage this information.

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