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Discover your pathway to a fulfilling career

Life after college can be challenging, and you are probably realizing that establishing yourself in the workplace is harder than you initially thought. At the Workplace Preparation Program, we understand your struggles and are here to provide the guidance and resources you need to thrive in the professional world.

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Are you ready for more than just a paycheck?

While most schools and Career Centers focus on getting you a job, we believe there's so much more to your career journey. You want a position that aligns with your aspirations, has meaning, and allows you to make a real impact. We're here to help you discover what those aspirations look like and set a plan and path forward to meet your expectations.

Transition with Confidence and Success.
Find Your Career Pathway

Transitioning can be overwhelming, whether from College to the workplace or into a new position.  That's why we've created the Workplace Preparation Program. We've heard from graduates, new employees, and parents whom all agree on the need for guidance in showcasing strengths, skills, and experiences to find a position that serves as a stepping stone in your career pathway.

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Understand yourself and define your impact

Join us to gain better self-awareness, understand how you work best, and define the impact you crave in your career. We'll help you unleash your true potential and provide you with the tools to navigate the professional world with confidence.

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Discover the possibilities and create your plan for the future

Feeling unsure about your chosen career path? We understand that making the decision to change can be challenging. Whether you've realized your initial plans aren't what you want or you're exploring new possibilities, our program will help you leverage your experiences, studies, and strengths to create new opportunities. We'll guide you in making informed decisions and finding success in your new direction