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The Strengths Performance Centre and its programs offer free assessments that are not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis.

Completion of the assessments does not indicate a professional recommendation nor does it constitute a counseling or coaching relationship with the creators or administrators of the assessment.


They are intended to be used to help guide your personal reflection, which should be supported by programs, workshops, training and coaching in order to achieve the greatest potential for success.

You also understand that your information will be managed as per our Privacy Policy. 

It is also understood that by accepting the disclaimer, you agree that the Strengths Performance Centre and its program Workplace Preparation™ will use your information to provide additional follow-up communication, promotions and invitations.

Your personal and contact information as well as the results of your assessments will never be shared or sold to any third party, unless legally required by law or legislation. 

Préparation pour le marché du travail

Si vous êtes en transition ou à la recherche d'une nouvelle carrière, il existe de nombreux programmes pour vous aider dans votre démarche.

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