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CSE01 - EN | CliftonStrengths Exploration Workshop - Virtual
CSE01 - EN | CliftonStrengths Exploration Workshop - Virtual

mar. 29 nov.


Live trainer-led workshop

CSE01 - EN | CliftonStrengths Exploration Workshop - Virtual

This is a comprehensive overview of the three strengths development stages (Name-Claim-Aim). It will help individuals understand the philosophy, approach and key concepts of strengths-based development. The workshop allows an initial exploration of the participant's natural talents.

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Heure et lieu

29 nov. 2022, 10:00 – 17:30 UTC−5

Live trainer-led workshop

À propos de l'événement

What am I great at?  How do I pinpoint what I do best?  How do I become extraordinary at work?

These are questions that are frequently heard when an individual is in self-reflection and looking to accomplish workplace goals. The search for both meaning and success starts with these three questions. 

The CliftonStrengths Exploration workshop (CSE01) will help participants answer these crucial questions. 

This workshop incorporates findings from Gallup’s extensive, ongoing research into how people can become highly effective and efficient by intentionally applying their talents and strengths. It will take participants on a journey that begins with an awareness of their own unique blend of talents.

Participants will learn how to take ownership of their personal talents and strengths and to appreciate their individuality and the valuable contributions they offer. This knowledge will then help them focus on specific goals to achieve greater personal and professional success.

What can a participant expect?

During this power-packed course, participants will gain a clearer path to success. Participants will learn their top talents as well as strategies and techniques to develop them. Before attending this workshop, each participant must complete the CliftonStrengths assessment to identify their  Signature combination of talents (Top 5 assessment cost is included in the registration fee).

During this course, participants will gain:

  • accelerate their discovery and knowledge of the natural talents
  • access insights into their natural talents can be impactful and productive
  • understand of how strengths develop harness their talents and strengths for greater personal productivity and engagement

Each participant will receive the CSE01 participant packet. By combining the tools in the packet with the education they acquire during this course, participants will have a clearer path to success.


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