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Discover Your Path to a Fulfilling Career

Are you a college senior looking to transition into a meaningful and impactful career? At the Workplace Preparation Program, we understand that today's graduates seek more than just a paycheck. They desire work that aligns with their aspirations, provides a sense of purpose, and allows them to make a difference. That's why we have created a comprehensive program to help you set a clear plan and path forward to meet your expectations and achieve your goals.

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I am Transitioning from College/ University
to Career.

While your studies have been a top priority, we recognize that grades and diplomas alone are not guarantees of employment, high wages, or management positions. It's crucial to learn how to effectively showcase your strengths, skills, and experiences to benefit your career and the companies you aspire to work for. The Workplace Preparation Program will assist you in understanding yourself better, leveraging your natural strengths, and defining the impact you crave in your professional life.

Exploring New Possibilities

Sometimes, despite having a predefined career path, you may find yourself unsure if it's truly what you want.

Making the decision to change can be challenging, especially when you have invested time and effort into a particular field.

Our program will help you navigate this transition by helping you recognize how your experiences, studies, and strengths can create new opportunities. We will guide you in exploring different possibilities and empower you to make informed decisions about your future.

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Navigating Pressures and Expectations


Feeling overwhelmed by the countless career options out there? Unsure which path is best for your future?


The Workplace Preparation Program is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of different career opportunities, the expectations and requirements associated with each, and the tools to make informed decisions. Our program will empower you to choose the career path that aligns with your passions, values, and long-term goals.

Effective Applications and Interviews. 

If you've been applying for positions but haven't received any interviews or offers, it's essential to evaluate your approach. Having a well-crafted resume and cover letter that align with the job posting is a crucial step. Our program will guide you through the process of creating an outstanding application that highlights your strengths, experiences, and potential as the best candidate for the position. We will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to make your application stand out from the competition.


MAY 30 to June 9, 2023


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Choosing the Right Program

We understand that each individual has different needs and preferences when it comes to career guidance. That's why we offer different options within the Workplace Preparation Program:

How do you know which position is right for you?

The position you are looking for is one that allows you to feel like you fit, can shine and have opportunities to advance.  Achieving this means that you know your strengths and what is important to you.  Understanding yourself, what you want and what impact are the building blocks for creating a career plan.

The Workplace Preparation Program was designed to help you know yourself, your strengths and your expectations so that you create your own pathway to success.

The Guidance You Are Looking For.

We built the Workplace Preparation Program in stages.  This was done so that you can decide how much assistance you want and/ or need.

1.    One Day Program: A quick introduction to the program, providing you with a snapshot of the key information and a concrete way forward.

2.    Ten-Day Intensive Program: A deep dive into the realities of strengths in the workplace and how to apply them effectively. This comprehensive program covers 20 modules and equips you with the knowledge required to find the right position and launch a successful career.

3.    10-Session Coaching: A personalized program that allows you to access expert guidance and recommendations. This coaching program complements the Ten-Day Intensive, providing additional support tailored to your specific needs.

Invest in Your Success

You have invested in your education, and now it's time to invest in your success.  The Workplace Preparation Program brings over 20 years of experience in guiding transitions in and to the workplace.  Allow us to help you.


Setting the foundation for the program success with expectations, introduce CliftonStrengths and develop core competencies, shift the mindset from education success to workplace success


The more individual knows themselves, the more they are able to be a top performer and an active contributor to the team, and the organization.


Setting the foundation for the program success with expectations, introduce ClifstonStrengths and develop core competencies, shift the mindset from education success to workplace success


Setting the foundation for the program success with expectations, introduce ClifstonStrengths and develop core competencies, shift the mindset from education success to workplace success


Complete Your Applicaiton and Find your Success.



May 30- June 9 2023

OPEN COHORT - 4 modules, 20 sessions to help have the discussion about understanding and creating success in the workplace.


Take the program from home, work or a combination of both


This cost per person includes all elements of the program, from the workshops, the books, the assessments, the exercises and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My degree is all that I will need to be successful.  Why do I need this program?

    • Degrees are awesome, but understanding how to know yourself, what you want, and how to best show your strengths will help you find the right position to build a career from.​

  • Will the skills I have used to be successful in school work for success in the workplace?

    • School and work have very different skills sets.  The Workplace Preparation Program has been designed to help bridge this understanding so that you can create the career you hope for.​

  • Does getting a master's degree guarantees that I will find more success and a higher salary?

    • Degrees are a piece of the success puzzle, but understanding how to make your education, experience, and strengths work for your career will be an advantage.​  

  •  A Paycheck and a title are all I need.

    • Money and recognition initially will be enough, but many people find that they begin to look for more.  We spend more time working than we do with our families.  Having a position that makes you feel that you are having an impact and pride in the work will make the time you spend at work worth it.​

  • Now that I have my degree work will pay me what I am worth.

    • Compensation works very differently when you enter the workforce.  Degrees do not dictate your level of compensation.  The Workplace Preparation Program will help you understand and plan for the realities of the New Workplace. ​

  • Young people do not stay in one place anymore. Hopping from job to job will help me find more money and a new title.  What is the benefit of planning a career?

    • Money and Title have been made out to be seen as important, but are you finding impact and satisfaction in working this way?  Planning a career and understanding what is important to you will help you find the success you are looking for.  ​

  • My degree makes me an expert in my field and I should be hired as such.

    • Theory and Practice combined are required to become an expert.  Understanding yourself and how to build upon your knowledge and strengths will allow you to create the career you want.​

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Find the right position
Right now.
Build a career and find success.

We can help.


No matter if you need just a push or a mentor to walk you through the entire process The Workplace Preparation will work for you.


Antoine B. Carrière - headshot for ELA-SVE.jpg

Principal Course Leader
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Antoine is a seasoned course leader, coach, and entrepreneur. He has operated multiple businesses over the past 20 years and has had the opportunity to work with hundreds. He has worked in private, not-for-profit and government positions locally, nationally and internationally.


Antoine works with employers around the globe and is helping to transform the next generation of successful small businesses through his discussions, his workshops and his coaching. He readily uses his CliftonStrengths of Maximizer, Strategic, Arranger, Ideation, and Communication to design, develop and deliver incredible training. Throughout the pandemic, he has continued to deliver half, full and multi-day workshops where he has amazed participants that they were able to stay engaged for such long sessions.

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Certified Career Coach
Master in Education

Throughout her career, Colleen has been deeply committed to empowering individuals in their career development journeys. As the Director of the Career Branch at The Strengths Performance Centre and a Certified International Career Development Specialist, Colleen designed and implemented comprehensive training programs to support the transition from Job to career and student to employee, utilizing the Clifton Strengths Based program to help clients discover and leverage their unique strengths.


Colleen has also coordinated school-to-work programs, fostering community involvement through partnerships with community leaders and businesses. With a strong understanding of state and national standards, regulations, and labor laws, Colleen maintained compliance while cultivating fruitful relationships between administration, students, communities and employers. These experiences allow her to bring a diverse skill set, strong interpersonal skills, and a passion for making a positive impact on individuals' career journeys.

OPEN COHORT: May 30-June 9, 2023


 Are they about to graduate and are struggling to find the right Position?

Started a job and now they want something else?


Let us know and it will be our pleasure to reach out to them. 


We want to answer your questions. 

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